Team fee: 250 euro
Player fee: 15 euro, including 2 nights in gym, 2 breakfasts.


All locations can be found on this link:

Sleeping gym:        2100 Gödöllő, Ganz Ábrahám utca 2.
Field:                     2100 Gödöllő, Táncsics Mihály út 9.
Suburban train "H8" stop for the field, gym accommodation is called "Gödöllő, Erzsébet Park".

How to get to Gödöllő from Budapest:

  • Find Metro 2 (underground/tube). If you find any other metro, all of them (all 4 lines) meet Metro 2 at one of their stations.
  • Once on Metro 2, go until the terminal station “Örs vezér tere”.
  • Change here to suburban train H8 (“HÉV”), and go to “Gödöllő, Erzsébet Park” (note: you will need an extra ticket for this ride, as it goes outside the city. You can either buy it at Örs vezér tere, or from the ticket collector on the train.)
  • You made it, see the map for how to get from the stop to the field/gym/B&B. 


Parking will be free at the field and at the sleeping gym. NOTE: Please at the field, park on the side of the road where the field is, not the other one.

Sleeping gym

The sleeping gym will be open:

Fri 18:30 - Sun 11:00

(On Sat during the daytime it's open only if it's needed. So please let me know a little earlier!)

Please pack up and leave the gym by 10:30 (latest till11:00) on Sunday, meaning before your first game.


Breakfast will be at the gym building.

Sat breakfast: 6:30 - 11:00
Sun breakfast: 6:45 - 10:30


As Seven is an only open, competitive tournament, don't expect to have a great party. You might want to consider driving into Budapest (less than 30 minutes) and look for some entertainment there, if you have a late game on Sunday or just don't mind playing sleep deprived.
Note: suburban train is not operating during the night. Car or taxi is needed to come back from Budapest during the night.

Feel free to post it on facebook or advertise in the spirit circle if you have a good plan and want to have other teams there with you.